The Bloom Diary & News 

1 November winter displays were planted in the village troughs and tubs. Summer plants were repotted a 
Saturday 6th April . 10:00am - 12:00. 
Litter Pick in the Park and village as part of the Keep Britain Tidy 'Great British Spring Clean' campaign. 
To sign up, go to Keep Britain Tidy web site 
Saturday 13th April. 10:00am - 1200. 
Litter Pick on the Alderley Edge Bypass, A34 Melrose Way as part of the Keep Britain Tidy ' Great British Spring Clean' Campaign. 
To sign up go to Keep Britain Tidy web site 

Group meetings 

Our Alderley Edge in Bloom Diary. The group meets every Thursday/Friday throughout the year. Click the months above to go to each section. 

January 2019 

Project 'Bramble Bank' started at the Chorley Hall Lane playing field boundary with the road. Judy Turner leading volunteers and local neighbours with the clearance of brambles and removal of litter and fly tipped rubble and bricks from the steep bank. tress have been pruned and bulbs planted at the bottom of the bank.  
Volunteers planted bulbs generously donated by Notcutts, Woodford Park Garden Centre at Bramble Bank, Chorley Hall Lane, Wilmslow Road, Top of Brook Lane, The Waitrose Woodland, corner of Davey Lane and Lynton Lane, The Station Car Park, Windermere Drive and working in partnership with the Parish cuncil at Wood Gardens. 
Planted early Spring blooms including iris reticula, crocus, small daffodils, muscari, scilla, chionodoxa, erythronium revolution in troughs and planters in the village. Once again we are aware that our late planting was not ideal for many plants but we were hoping for a 70 percent success rate. 
We planted similar coloured flowers in clumps and this proved very effective in previous years on the verges of the main road between the village and Wilmslow where tulips gave a colourful display for 5-6 weeks, and on the park steps where the display of hyacinth was well-received by residents. 
Similarly most of the daffodil bulbs planted produced an attractive display of blossoms. The late planting did mean we were less successful with the erythronium revolutum.  
Bulb planting throughout the month from a generous donation from Notcutts Garden Centre. The group planted 
20 kilos of loose daffodils 
10 kilos of mixed tulips 
10 Allium Albopilosum 
40 A. Altropurpureum 
144 A. Elegant 
40 A. Miami 
10 A. Mount Everest 
10 A. Multibulbosum 
90 A. neopolitanum 
110 A. Oreophilum 
10 A. Purple Sensation 
10 A. Violet Beauty 
390 Anemone Blanda mixed 
110 Anemone Sylphide 
640 Chionodoxa forbesii 
400 Chionodoxa luciliea 
110 Chionodoxa Pink Giant 
598 Crocus 
40 Crocus Romance 
90 Crocus Snowbunting 
110 English bluebells 
300 Eranthis Cilicica 
12 Eremurus Bunge 
657 Hyacinthus Anemone Pink Cloud 
65 Hyacinth Gypsy Queen 
25 H. Jan Bos 
65 H. Pink Pearl 
15 H. Woodstock 
120 Iris Danfordiae 
80 I. Eye of the Tiger 
160 I. Harmony 
80 I. Rosario 
80 I. Sapphire Blue 
420 I. Sea of Blue 
333 Muscari 
300 Muscari Armeniacum 
80 Muscari comosum 
30 Muscari Golden Fragrance 
40 Muscari Valerie Finnis 
90 Narcissus Canaliculatus 
176 N. Double Duo 
15. N. Double Star 
30 N. Dutch Master 
35 N. Ice King 
15 N. Lemon Glow 
20 N. Love Call 
96 N. Mother and Daughter 
75 N. Palmares 
96 N. Pink daffodil 
10 N. Tahiti 
300 N. Trumpet 
30 Nectaroscurdum Siculum 
400 Puschkina Libanotica 
12 Tulip Akebono 
56 T. Blushed Cheeks 
128 T. Brest 
36 T. Budlight 
54 T. Cape Town 
48 T. Chocolate 
60 T. 60 Days of Tulips 
108 T. Evening Breeze 
120 T.Fosteriana Concerto 
8 T. Golden Oxford 
192 T. Opposite Attraction 
16 T. Oracle 
30 T. Orange Queen 
28 T. Prince 
90 T. Purissima 
36 T. Spring Fever 
40 T. Striped Bats 
200 T. Sweet Tutti Frutti 
36 T. Tangerine Tango 
288 T. Triumph Mix 
8 T. Yellow Emperor 
A total of 9,916 bulb 

February 2019 

Weekly litter-pick continued throughout the month. 
Decision of committee to participate in the 'Keep Britain Tidy' Great Spring Clean in April, start of planning. 
Cleared the bank along the football field on Chorley Hall Lane of brambles, litter and debris. Adopted this as a new group project and known as Bramble Bank. 
Clearance work on the large grass verge along Wilmslow Road close to the junction with Brook Lane began. Bushes were trimmed, sycamore saplings cut down and debris removed. 
The Waitrose Woodland was cleared of branches ready for the planting of wildflower seeds in spring. 

March 2019 

Weekly litter-pick continued throughout the month. 
Moved the lollipop laurels with damaged containers and replanted them at the station garden. 
Met with some members of the Parish Council and residents at Wood Gardens to look at how to involve the community in improving the area. It was agreed to make a start by relocating the remaining 6 box balls to the area. 


Overwintered dahlia tubers, pelargoniums and fuchsia from last year’s planters and baskets repotted. Brambles removed at the Moss Lane Orchard project site. Waitrose Woodland tree removal, raising of canopy, building of bug sanctuary. Acquisition of allotment. Allotment dug over and weeded. Raised beds installed and ground prepared for planting. Wildflower seeds donated to Ryleys School and Alderley Edge Primary School. Volunteers had a Sunday promotion stall. 

May 2018 

Early May 
Alderley in Bloom volunteers persuaded businesses in the village to purchase hanging baskets, troughs and tubs along London Road, Chorley Hall Lane and Trafford Road. All the baskets have the same pastel colour scheme of white, pink, blue, silver and green.  
Over 50 baskets were purchased. Feeding and watering of planters started. Moss Lane Orchard cleared ready for planting. Meeting with East Cheshire Council to discuss plans for improvements to the park. Allotment shed built and painted Allotment vegetables planted. 
Mid May 
Allotment coordinator visit to Methodist Church Lunch Club, members planted trays of vegetable seeds. Volunteers met with the Alderley Edge Primary School Gardening Club to offer help and support to pupils. 
Late May 
Volunteers organised a rota to feed and water recently planted annuals. Waitrose allows volunteers the use of their outside tap for watering. Retailers and restaurants cooperated in the watering of planters. Further weeding on London Road continued. 
Brookview Care Home were given 2 planters. Residents planted up the planters before being displayed around the village.Adverts were put in the local press and websites asking residents to donate perennial cuttings and and any unwanted plants and shrubs. 
The Chair of the group gave a presentation at an open meeting of the Parish Council detailing the group's aims and objectives and its activities since our last competition award. 

June 2018 

The 52 hanging baskets bought by village businesses were installed. Regular watering of planters and baskets continued on a daily basis. 

July 2018 

Projects for 2018/19. 20 self watering lamppost baskets. Park improvements. Community beds. Moss Lane. 

August 2018 

Daily watering in the village as the weather remains hot and dry! 
Watering baskets, planters and troughs along London Road and the side streets. 
Weekly litter picks around the village. 
The AEiB Committee accepted coordinators reports and agreed on plans for our 3 projects, the Wairose woodland, the allotment and the station car park 

September 2018 

.Awarded second prize for our onions on the Alderley Edge Allotment and Gardening Association annual show. It's not the winning, its the taking part! 
.Volunteer litter picking and weeding every week.  
.Digitalis Alba seeds sown at the Waitrose Woodland and park steps. Bulbs removed in Spring from baskets and planters and kept in storage were planted in the park. Started planting Alchemilla Mollis, Feverfew, Hespersis Matrimonialis and fox gloves at The Waitrose Woodland. 
.Watering baskets planters and troughs along London Road and side streets. 
Meeting with the WRVS Luncheon Club to agree on choices of vegetable planting for the community allotment. 
.Watering system arrived Monday 24th September bought with money from a Manchester Airport Community fund. 
.Vegetable and fruit donations to the WRVS Luncheon Club recommenced. 
Our end of month village stall raised £176 from raffle sales and £61.43 in donations for plants we have grown from bulbs and cuttings 

October 2018 

Weekly narcissus and daffodil bulb planting every Monday this month along Wilmslow Road 
Weekly litter pick on Mondays 
October 1 started removing spent planting from containers and baskets in the village 
Fuchsia and Pelargoniums were overwintered for reuse next summer. Spent compost was put on the allotment beds and foliage on the allotment compost heaps. 
Continued to donate fruit and vegetables to the Luncheon Club 
Bought winter dispays of Skimmia, Hellebores, Gaulteria, Viola, Cyclamen, and Trailing Rosemary. Conifers and white Heathers kept from last year’s displays will be added to this year’s displays 
Adding of horse manure to our allotment beds before they are covered and rested for the winter 
Committee agreed on the details of a wine and cheese fund raising event in November 
Purchase of autumn raspberry canes for the allotment 
7 October planted spring cabbage in the allotment 
Put down a central gravel path on the allotment 
10 October completed the removal of all the village hanging baskets 
Meeting on 25 October with Alderley Edge Institute Trust for funding for additional planters, lamp post baskets and litter picking equipment. 
27 October stall in the village with raffle tickets and donations for plants. 

November 2018 

November winter displays were planted in the village troughs and tubs. 
Summer plants were repotted and stored for next year. The winter display included white hellebores, small conifers, skimmias, white heathers, gaultherias, cyclamens, pansies, small box balls, variegated small grasses, weeping rosemary, ajuga and variegated ivy. Spring bulbs including crocus and iris were also planted. 
Rhododendron planted in the Waitrose woodland. 
30 November Wine and cheese tasting fund-raising event organised raising over £600 for the group 
Troughs installed on Waitrose railings and planted up with the same plants as the hanging baskets.  

December 2018 

7 December, 8 new planters and 32 semi-circular lamp post planters were delivered. 
Regular weekly litter pick. 
Received our RHS report which will be a discussion point at our January committee meeting. 


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